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Star Wars: You Fight Good :iconwithskechers:WithSkechers 15 9 Les Mis: Enjolras Valentines :iconwithskechers:WithSkechers 2 3 Star Wars: Safe :iconwithskechers:WithSkechers 24 32 MGS3: It's good to have you back :iconwithskechers:WithSkechers 9 0 Les Mis: Jolly Joly :iconwithskechers:WithSkechers 4 0 Star Wars: Cassian and Jyn :iconwithskechers:WithSkechers 13 11 Chief Centre Guide in Watercolor :iconwithskechers:WithSkechers 2 2 Les Mis: Friends of the ABC :iconwithskechers:WithSkechers 5 2 OHSHC: Flight :iconwithskechers:WithSkechers 11 7 Les Mis: Manly :iconwithskechers:WithSkechers 6 2 Les Mis: Kids in the Street :iconwithskechers:WithSkechers 3 2 Les Mis: Eat Your Bread, 'Ponine :iconwithskechers:WithSkechers 2 4 Les Mis: Adam Monley's Combeferre :iconwithskechers:WithSkechers 0 0 MGS3: At the Rink :iconwithskechers:WithSkechers 5 5 MGS: Meryl in Watercolor :iconwithskechers:WithSkechers 13 7 Metroid: K.G. Misawa :iconwithskechers:WithSkechers 8 9
Enjoy. :U


Star Wars: You Fight Good
Look me in the eye and tell me this wouldn’t have happened.

[K-2SO voice] “I believe the word you’re looking for is ‘well,’ Cassian.”
“Shut up.”

ALTERNATIVELY, give me a Rogue One where everything else is the same except Cassian says "You fight good" instead of "Your Father would've been proud of you, Jyn"
Les Mis: Enjolras Valentines
Enjolras giving you, (YES YOU), a bouquet of Lamarque roses this Valentine’s Day. Why? Because Courfeyrac said he had to. And that Patria doesn’t count. And I am an awful person who takes delight in his discomfort for these festivities. Happy Valentine’s Day!
PS Lamarque Roses are indeed a thing!
Les Mis: Jolly Joly
I realized that I've always drawn Joly perpetually worried in all my art, and that is just not right. Where's the jolly Joly?!? THERE HE IS
You guys, Para-Medic's voice actress, Heather-Halley is on dA! Go drop her a line. :)


Artist | Professional | Varied
Heya. TheSketcherWithSkechers here. So... you might be asking, "What's with the alternate account?"

My (junky) fanart would go here. That includes comics, drawing memes, and fan-related journal posts... A lot of it revolves around Metal Gear and Musicals. Sometimes I draw for other video games and movies.

I still might post fanart under :iconthesketcher:, where I try to keep my refined artwork.

My fanart might favor certain ships, but I draw those ambiguously/platonically most of the time. If you can't deal even with those, that's not really my problem anymore. :lmao:

DISCLAIMER: Despite the considerable amount of fanart in my gallery, I want to make clear that I AM NOT INTO RESIDENT EVIL. Most of those were gifts/commissions.



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