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Enjoy. :U


Les Mis: Friends of the ABC
Nearly forgot to post this haha

Les amis on a stroll!
Drew this to compare their heights. Took a gamble using watercolors, having drawn this on unsuitable paper with a brown pen that I knew would bleed. Was able to make it work anyway. :)
OHSHC: Flight
This year’s Kyouya birthday art! A little late, but better late than never. Happy Birthday!

I wanted to draw him a little bit more grown up, so I drew him based on the last chapters of the manga. You decide where he’s headed to below. ;)

A) France
B) Boston
C) Barcelona
D) Japan, to visit the rest of the Club during his school break
E) Tamaki and Haruhi’s Wedding


PS I didn't make it a pineapple laptop because it'd kill the mood hahaha

Les Mis: Kids in the Street

Someone mentioned something like an expansion AU with Feuilly, Montparnasse, and Eponine meeting as kids. Might have drawn ‘Ponine and ‘Parnasse looking too young tho… And Feuilly too old haha oops. Well the thought’s there. :p

Montparnasse found that discarded top hat. He quite likes it. ;)

You guys, Para-Medic's voice actress, Heather-Halley is on dA! Go drop her a line. :)


Artist | Professional | Varied
Heya. TheSketcherWithSkechers here. So... you might be asking, "What's with the alternate account?"

My (junky) fanart would go here. That includes comics, drawing memes, and fan-related journal posts... A lot of it revolves around Metal Gear and Musicals. Sometimes I draw for other video games and movies.

I still might post fanart under :iconthesketcher:, where I try to keep my refined artwork.

My fanart might favor certain ships, but I draw those ambiguously/platonically most of the time. If you can't deal even with those, that's not really my problem anymore. :lmao:

DISCLAIMER: Despite the considerable amount of fanart in my gallery, I want to make clear that I AM NOT INTO RESIDENT EVIL. Most of those were gifts/commissions.



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Sorrow here , happy birthday ! 
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Sorrow...? o:

Thank you!!! :D
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Also no problem~ ^.^
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